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Martin Smith – General Council Member




As a failed former banker it is with some trepidation that  I take on the role of Hon. Treasurer of the St. Georges Society. Banking was not for me and I was not for the bank. So I moved on and after a  few years working on oil rigs in the North Sea and West Africa, reached a cross-roads decision on whether to follow my real passion as a mountaineer or find a job that actually paid out some money. Money won out, so after a slightly worrying moment standing in the dock on a charge of “attempted grand theft” (a police misinterpretation of a nocturnal climbing escapade), I found myself “bound over to keep the peace” and working as a geologist for BP in London, then, in 1984, swiftly on to China, Italy, Glasgow (the hardship posting!), Vietnam, Kuwait, Jakarta, Balikpapan, (where I switched employers to Chevron), and finally Bangkok.


It was in China, more than 30 years ago, that  I met my gorgeous wife, Laura, and we embarked on a life of travel and adventure, and expat living. From the beginning  we have had a passion for trekking and climbing in wild places, often dragging our poor son with us, who was heard to complain “Why can’t we have a normal beach holiday like everybody else?”. For me the high point of all this climbing was, I guess, to summit Everest in 2011. Just a few weeks ago we were back in Nepal both summiting Mera Peak at 6566m. But back down to earth, we both love the city life and the social life that Bangkok has to offer. And so it was that by sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time, I found myself thrust back into the dubious position of a financial role at the St. George’s. This is my first ever committee role. And I plan to have some fun doing it..!!

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