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Steve moved to Bangkok on the 1st January 2016.  He is married to Mailyn and has 2 wonderful children, Alex and Victoria.  His journey to Thailand has been a long one which started by failing at school in Greater Manchester and being left with no real options but to join HM Armed Forces.  Steve's 7 year career in the military gave him none of the credentials required to make it in civilian life, from driving mini tanks (CVRT for those in the know) to military parachuting to skilled in the art of using a pencil as a weapon.  


After leaving his service to Queen and country Steve embarked in a career as an accountant and in just 10 short years became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  Having held board positions with companies in the UK Steve missed the life of travel he was so used to as a soldier and found himself back in conflict zones in the Middle East but this time using the pencil in a less aggressive form to crunch numbers.  After 10 years in the Middle East life back in the UK beckoned once more but after just 2 years realised that the bug for travel was never going to leave and so it was on to Bangkok.  


His sporting passion has always been boxing and could have turned pro had it not been for an argument with a car in which the car won.  Steve is also very keen on hacking small white balls around beautiful landscape.  His best kept secret is his life as a poet, so please don't tell anyone.

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