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Thursday, 19 November 2015 18:17

John Hocking

John Hocking - Vice President




John was in the Army for 23 years, 10 years in 3 Royal Tank Regiment (the West Countries own regiment, nick name The Armoured Farmers) & 13 years in the Army Air Corps.


After the army, John spent 22 years in Germany working with seafood for two English companies - Lyons Seafoods & then Ken Bell International. He was MD for these companies.


John came to Thailand early in 2010 working for himself but still in the seafood industry.


Now divorced, John has 3 grown children in the UK.


John is also Welfare Officer for the Royal British Legion here in Bangkok.

Thursday, 19 November 2015 08:53

Hasan Khan

Hasan Khan - President


 hasan khan


Hasan has been living in Bangkok for five years and, like many, caught the bug soon after arriving. He works in Pension Management for a financial consultancy firm and in his spare time enjoys playing golf, the occasional game of football and the more frequent visit to his local pub! Originally born in Crumpsall, Manchester, after spending his early childhood years there his family relocated to a sleepy Lincolnshire seaside town for the bulk of his childhood years (think Butlins and the Jolly Fisherman!). After a return to Manchester as a young adult and then a four year stint working in the city of London he moved to Asia; a year in Hong Kong preceded his move to Thailand.


Hasan loves all things English, especially a good fry up and Yorkshire puddings! (Toad in the Hole anyone?) Whilst Thailand is (and will remain) his current home, England will always be home in his heart. Thailand offers many great things to Hasan but ultimately itís hard to beat a long English summers evening (when itís still light at 10pm) or wrapping up warm in the winter and watching the snow settle on the driveway.


To Hasan, being involved in the St. Georgeís society offers a chance to celebrate these things whilst meeting a great group of like-minded people, who are as equally passionate about England and all things English

Saturday, 29 March 2014 12:30

Ghaff Khan

Ghaff Khan - Membership Secretary




Ghaff Khan is happily married to Liz and they will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in July 2016.
He is the proud father of Hasan (who has his own profile on this website, so enough said) and Ayesha who is a mental health nurse in London and will marry in December 2015.
Ghaff is of Afghan origin moving to the England at age 7, moving with his father's work (doctor) from Beckingham to Farnborough to Banbury to Doncaster before finally settling in Bury, Greater Manchester at the age of 11. Ghaff met Liz (a Bury lass) there and they still have a property there so Bury is home.
Ghaff worked as a solicitor for over 25  years in various parts of England and ran his own practice in Lincolnshire where the children grew up. He obtained his higher rights of audience and specialised in Criminal Defence work appearing in Crown Courts, mainly on the East Midland circuit.
In July 2015 Ghaff made the move to Thailand, followed by Liz who arrived in September. Having spent the previous quarter of a century working hard, Ghaff was not ready to retire and took on a self-employed role as a  expat pension, inheritance and tax advisor in Bangkok.
Ghaff's interests include food and culture, drama and film, politics and football. He also attempts to play golf from time to time, sometimes with disastrous results!
Ghaff and Liz remain open minded about retiring in Thailand in due course but England is never far from their thoughts as indeed are their close friends and family living  there.
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